NC control system electrolytic abrasive polishing equipment

NC control system electrolytic abrasive polishing equipment


We have been responding to our customer’s needs by electrolytic abrasive polishing which is a precision polishing technology. We also offer electrolytic, buff, barrel polishing.


Electrolytic abrasive polishing











・No dust occurrence since it is a chemical polishing
・Electrolytic solution, neutral aqueous solution is applied so it is easy to handle
・Operator is able to work under the safe work environment.
・Capable of polishing flat surface, free form surface, inner and outer tube.
・Skill cultivation is not needed. Suitable process for automation.
・Mirror finished surface is achievable with the material which can be electrolyzed such as Stainless Steel, aluminum and titanium.
・Easy to maintain form accuracy since small removal amount for this polishing is required.
*For your safety, please use rubber globe and safety goggles while processing.
















Grids remove passivation film on micron bump and base metal at micron bump is revealed. At the moment base metal is exposed, electrolyzing is concentrated at this exposed point and the process is promoted.
At this moment, processing does not be promoted at micro dint since the point is protected by passivation film. Because micro bumps are only removed, rapid planarization is achievable.


Electrolytic abrasive polishing equipment

●Electrolytic abrasive polishing equipment designing, production.

NC control system electrolytic abrasive polishing equipment