This product lasts column life longer


U-fil 1








●By attaching at the pump side of the column, it prevents contamination in column
●ZERO-DEAD-VOLUME design (Direct Connection Type) so it does not affect the analysis result




U-fil 2














●Tube inner diameter:0.1mm
●Filter porous size: 0.2um,0.5um,1.0um
●Filter material:Stainless Steel,Titanium
●Compact design (HEX10mm)
●Maximum working pressure:100MPa (Please follow the tightening instruction manual carefully)





U-Fil set (Filter x 1 included)



U-fil 3










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・For UHP, UPLC*1) compatible connection
 WF connection is conventional Waters connection
・Please be careful with connection type when attaching
 (Ferrule edge length: UHP 2.3mm, WF 3.3mm *2)



◆Compatible column
*1 UPLC shows the equipment by Waters brand, column plumbing.
*2 Ferrule edge length varies by ferrule shape, solidity, tube chamfering
Please consider the values as reference.



・UHP connection column
Waters Acquity
Agilent ZORBAX
Phoenomenex KINETEX
Corresponding to representative UHPLC sub 2 micron column and coreshell column connection


Note: Please consult us regarding to Supelco Assentis
・Waters connection column: General column connection for HPLC
Commonly used plumbing for X-Bridge for Waters or the columns except for UHPLC


Replacing filter

U-fil 4



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