J-Lok tube fitting (Extra small diameter)


Extra small diameter tube fitting (1/16 inch or less outer diameter)






J-Lok mini series


■ The tube fitting that 1/16 inch outer diameter tube easily connectable.
Suitable for very small flow rate and high pressure specification.

(Lab-On-The-Desk concept product)

■ Tube fitting shapes are 3 types(Union, Tee, Cross) and either male type (Nut)

or female type (Set screw) is available.

■ Material: SUS316, PEEK (Standard) AlloyC276 (Hastelloy*), Alloy600

Alloy 625 (Inconel*), Titanium

■ Inner diameter (0.25mm~1.0mm)














* Inconel is the registered trademark by Special metals corporation, Hastelloy is the registered trademark by Haynes. Since these terms are used as general terms in Japan so we call these materials in these terms (Equivalent material included).