J-Lok stop valve (Special metal)


J-Stop valve

The valve made of the metal which has corrosion resistance and high temperature tolerance.












■ High corrosion resistance and high temperature tolerance metal is applied to valve liquid contact parts. Please let us know the following valve specifications.


・Material (Tantalum, Zircaloy, Hastelloy*, Inconel*, Monel*, Titanium)


・Flow rate

・Applied pressure

・Applied temperature

・Connection for both ends: Rc 1/8~1/2, J-Lok 1/8~1/2




■ This product is produced by order
* Inconel and monel are the registered trademark by Special metals corporation, Hastelloy is the registered trademark by Haynes. Since these terms are used as general terms in Japan so we call these materials in these terms (Equivalent material included).

■ Other than valves, we also correspond to tube fittings, tubes, and custom made services.